16 Jan


Shin Kanemitsu

Sound Engineer/Composer/Producer

Shin Kanemitsu, born in China, then moved to Japan with his family when he was three years old.

Shin’s first experience as a sound engineer starts when he joined a radio broadcast club at his elementary school. He was able to operate and create the sound out of the school’s mixing console that amazed the students and the teachers. At the end of the school year, Shin was in charge of audio for all of the school events.

His career as a sound engineer starts from recording independent rock bands based in Tokyo. His approach in capturing the sound in a studio was so unique, and amazed his clients. Thorough his work in Tokyo, he was selected to tour with Monday Michiru (Singer songwriter from NY), and Eddie Gomez (World famous Jazz Bass Player) as a tour sound engineer.

After graduating from high school, Shin decides to study English, and audio in the U.S.A. He entered a Mira Costa Collage audio engineering major, and archived a 4 certificates in music/audio technology.

Shin moved to New York soon after he graduates from a collage, and start working at NHK (Japan’s national broadcast company) as an assistant sound engineer at Major league baseball game broadcast. After Shin finishes his work at NHK, he decides to work as a sound engineer in music and film industry, and start freelance in variety of projects.

Shin was selected to be in charge of a highly well-know christian church “Trinity Baptist Church” in NYC, and designed their sound system and operated from August 2008.

“Porton de moi”, “Time Difference”, and “Made in Japan” are the films that Shin has worked, and composed music in the film“Porton de moi”.

“Time Difference” that Shin mixed it’s audio was nominated on “CUNY ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL 2010”.

In 2010, Shin offered to design a sound system at a charity concert event at Carnegie Hall, and highly impressed its audience.

Shin is also recently working with Ron Carter (Legendarily Jazz Bass Player), Hassan J.J. Shakur (Bass Player from Duke Ellington Band), Jimmy Cobb (Drummer from Miles Davis Band)Gedeon Luke (American Idle finalist in 2005), PLANE (Japanese major rock band), Tomi Fujiyama (Japanese first female country singer), and many world’s top musicians/artist from all over the world.

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